200 – the 100

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One thought on “200 – the 100

  1. Great show guys! Thank you to Tim for picking my video as his weekly YouTube maker spotlight.

    I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I can relate to your show, even though I hardly ever use wood. One project I did do with wood was my only guitar, which was Marceline’s Guitar from Adventure Time. It was a DIY Prop Shop episode which I have hosted from time to time. https://youtu.be/vR4T_RHaj8k
    Marceline also has a six necked guitar just like the “cuddle guitar” but since she is a cartoon, she can handle it. I just made the single necked battle axe guitar.

    Jimmy DiResta was a huge inspiration for me starting my own YouTube channel, I smiled at hearing his name tossed around.

    Great show guys, thanks!

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